The Long War - Table of Contents

***Work in progress***

I. X-Com Revisited

Introduction to the series.

II. The Origins of X-Com

Earth is racked by fear and wonder as UFOs begin to appear over the skies of the world.

III. Japan

The destruction of the world's satellite network prompts a resolution by the UN General Assembly to create a new task force based in Japan.

IV. First Contact

The new X-Com task force meets the visitors on the ground for the first time.

V. Opening Moves

The nations of the world take the fight to the air.

VI. France

France withdraws from the X-Com project and X-Com scores a victory in the air.

VII. Global Unrest

The world reacts to the reality of extra-terrestrial life.

VIII. The Phony War

The long awaited alien invasion never materializes.

X-Com lands in the Nigerian city of Ogbomosho to face an enemy unknown.

X. Terror in Nigeria

Nigerian soldiers inadvertently release a devastating organism which threatens to overrun the continent of Africa.

XI. Crisis in Africa

The African crisis deepens as Boko Haram jihadists, assisted by a new splinter group known as EXALT, launch an offensive in the Nigerian north-east. UN Secretary-General Ban tries to rally support from the UN and NATO. 

XII. The Battle of Ogbomosho

X-Com and UN forces struggle to contain the chryssalid outbreak in Ogbomosho.

XIII. Escalation

In the aftermath of Ogbomosho Bradford re-organizes the remnants of the UN brigades into a cohesive alien fighting force.

XIV. Battle for the Skies

The air forces of the world try to wrest control of the skies from the aliens.

XV. The Enemy Within

EXALT expands beyond Nigeria and appears in the Syrian conflict, where they begin the fight for the hearts and minds of the people.
XVI. Advent Rising

France collapses into totalitarianism as alien forces infiltrate the highest levels of government.

Two former French X-Com soldiers return to their country to find it in turmoil.

In Japan a young girl finds herself the target of unwanted attention from the visitors.

X-Com deploys in war-torn Syria in a bid to ascertain the nature of EXALT's presence in the region.

The civil war in Syria takes an unexpected turn as the aliens intervene decisively against Russian-backed government forces.

China and Japan, long time rivals in the Pacific theater, find themselves on the brink of war engineered by the visitors.

X-Com goes covert and braces for war as the world is racked by crisis after crisis.

On the run from the authorities and pursued by agents of the visitors, Chilong tries to escape from Hong Kong.

Old comrades Dacheng and Chilong finally re-unite, and X-Com meets the thin men for the first time.

XXV. Hearts and Minds

The alien intervention in Syria begins to change public perception of the visitors.

XXVI. The Speaker

The aliens address the world for the first time in New York.

XXVII. The New York Address

The Speaker's maiden speech to the world.

XXVIII. Shanghai Nights

Chilong's account of the alien infiltration of the Chinese High Command.

To Be Continued