Kiss of War, Part IV - The Sack of Tula

So as stated in my previous post, I had been quietly fighting bases near mine in order to learn the game mechanics. The server was relatively young, and so it was populated by a great deal of new accounts which meant I was in a target rich environment surrounded by people at about my level. My best opponent in my KoW formative years was a Brazilian played named Capelbarbaro. He was the first person I tried to zero, a term which denotes either i) the reduction of the enemy's army to zero, or ii) reducing the opponent's base health to zero and triggering a random teleport. The first part was easily achievable if you have a stronger army, but the second takes far more time. Bases begin with 24k health, and burn at a rate of 1 health per second (without guild modifiers). That's 3600 points of damage per hour, and it means that a base will take SIX TO SEVEN hours to reduce to zero. That also doesn't factor in additional attacks, which cause a negligible amount of damage each time, nor does it factor in repairs done by the defender, who can repair at a rate of 500 points every 30 minutes.

Still, I stuck doggedly to my task, and of course Capelbaro logged on and saw my armies swinging by to keep his city ablaze every 30 minutes. He couldn't do anything, though, as his army had been destroyed earlier. He did repair what he could and sent out a counter, but it was weak and easily repelled. At this point I asked him to join our guild, and thus began a series of chat conversations where I would ask him to come and join us, and he would reply with a monosyllabic "No." I later found out that he had been hit by the guild earlier, and yet rather than teleporting to a safe spot or shielding, he doggedly refused to give ground. There was nothing he could do however, and eventually his base health reached zero and he was randomly teleported away from our guild territory.

Karma has a way of being a vengeful bitch, however, and our assault on Capelbaro was revisited on us tenfold. It began with a woman named SayCheese, a Russian guild called Ruu, and an event called Ghost Rebels. Our guild was founded south of a city called Tula, and it was in the shadow of an enormous Russian guild which dominated the entire eastern map. Hush had somehow made an arrangement with this Russian guild to share the city of Tula, and they allowed us to occupy the city for a time and enjoy the buffs. All seemed fine and dandy, until DeathNote, a guild officer, inadvertently started the Ghost Rebels event. This event triggered wave after wave of NPC enemy troops, and those of us online scrambled madly to protect our bases and each other. When it was over we were pleasantly surprised to see that the rewards for the event for quite significant, even for those bases who were unable to hold off all 25 waves. The shit really hit the fan, however, when SayCheese logged on and found that she had missed out on the event and the attendant rewards. There was a vicious spat in guild chat which ended with DeathNote ragequitting the guild, and with SayCheese momentarily silenced after she vowed never to speak on guild chat again.

The Germans failed to capture Tula in World War 2, so I guess it was fitting that the Russians took it from my guild.

Little did we know of the revenge she was planning. I logged on in the morning to find myself in the midst of a full scale Ruu assault. SayCheese had apparently attacked a number of Ruu cities in a fit of apocalyptic rage, and this, coupled with a misunderstanding over the transfer of Tula back into Ruu hands, had led Ruu to decide that this little guild at the edge of their territory need not remain there any longer. This was my first experience of a large battle, and it was not a pretty sight, as most of Ruu were much more powerful than us and soon our hive was ablaze. Only Kreature could offer any resistance, and he was grossly outnumbered - the rest of us were too small, inexperienced and disorganized to do anything except shield or teleport away. The EGG leadership had already decided that our position here was untenable and had begun an evacuation to a peninsula northwest of Krakow. The Ruu offensive began moments after the evacuation began, and it was pandemonium. Some of us were trying to defend Tula, some were teleporting to the new hive location, and others were trying to defend their own bases. I was playing a game with the multiple Ruu bases scouting me by pulling my armies out and trying to bait a weak attack. This failed completely, as two Ruu bases simply teleported next to my base while my main army was outside, and began pillaging my base at point blank range. I lost a great deal of resources as my army hustled back as quickly as it could, and once the soldiers were inside we teleported and fled.